Patient information

In hospital wards, screens are used to deliver information to both patients and personnel. Information, which is relevant for patients is provided by the personnel working in administration, kitchen or the ward where the patient has been admitted.

Personnel screens deliver information, which is easily accessible in case of emergency and, also, eliminates the need for e-mails and printed material. It is usually provided by individual wards and includes duty rosters, phone numbers of doctors on-call, etc.


The personal patient screen

VisioSign has developed a personnel patient screen, which can be installed right next to the hospital bed. Besides showing standard information such as news, weather forecasts or practical information about the hospital, content can be adapted to an individual patient's needs and used for treatment and rehabilitation purposes. Moreover, patients can watch TV broadcasts, YouTube and DVDs or listen to the radio.

The touch screen allows patients to search for information in several layers and any number of therapists can be editors of a particular zone on the screen. Same content can be used on an individual patient's screen or on multiple screens designated to a group of patients with same needs.


The digital patient ward

Together with three other partner companies specializing in different fields, VisioSign has developed a new concept within healthcare. This new concept integrates ergonomic circadian rhythm lighting, personal information screen, sound and a control unit with video monitoring into one interactive care ward - Curavivo. 

Visit to read about VisioSign's joint project to develop a digital patient ward.


Examples of content 

For patients

For employees

  • Visiting hours
  • Daily menu
  • Service information
  • Log-in to hospital WIFI network
  • Information about medical procedures
  • Trivia and entertainment
  • Duty roster
  • Phone numbers of Doctors on Call
  • Reference to important documents
  • Internal procedures
  • In-house news
  • New employees
  • Canteen menu


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