Syddjurs Municipality

Visitors receive professional welcome at Syddjurs Municipality

 ”The idea to digitise and optimise The Citizen Service Centers in Syddjurs Municipality originated as part of a comprehensive plan for the renovation and modernisation of two administration buildings in Ebeltoft and Hornslet. Our ideas for the new reception area harmonized well with VisioSign’s solutions, so we selected them as the supplier of information screens, scheduled for delivery in January 2015. One of the objectives has been that our visitors feel welcome and well received. The dual screens at the entrance welcome and guide them into the reception area where they can use queuing kiosks to select the services they require. One of the two kiosks is reserved for passport- and driver’s licence applications only and the second one is for all other services. The employees have a special screen showing an overview of in-house meetings and availabilty of meeting rooms. With the new system in place, they no longer need to wander about with their visitors looking for a vacant meeting room. Moreover, if the meetings take longer than the scheduled time, they can extend them directly on the screens placed outside every room. Before we had to book a room for a whole day or half days, even though they were in use just a fraction of time. Scheduling and utilization of meeting rooms is now fully optimized. At first, we were somewhat concerned about whether our employees would remember to cancel the booking after their meetings, but they seem to be rather good at it. The plan for the nearest future is to introduce a wayfinding solution, as well, in order to assist the visitors in finding their way around the building. It has not been decided, yet whether it is going to be digital or not, because the renovation of the building needs to be completed and all the meeting rooms need to be functional, first. Moreover, digitisation of the administration building in Hornslet is also under way where the same concept will be implemented as in Ebeltoft.”

Hanne-Marlene Hedegaard, Digitisation Consultant at Syddjurs Municipality

Facts about VisioSign and Syddjurs Municipality: The municipality has 18 screens placed in the reception area of the office building in Ebeltoft. In all, 3,500 employees work for the municipality, of which, 500 work in the administration buildings in Ebeltoft and Hornslet. The current population of the municipality is 42,000 inhabitants.

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