Large corporations such as Novo Nordisk and Novozymes use VisioSign's solutions in LEAN manufacturing. With information screens inside production facilities, employees can monitor the production numbers, absence reports and safety instructions, to name a few.

Typically, production workers do not have access to a PC, but with information screens they can follow the manufacturing process and its progress. Moreover, they have access to the latest company news, which gives them an insight into what is happening in the rest of their organization.

The need for information can arise in any place and situation and VisioSign has developed communication strategies using the Wayfinder and meeting room screens to meet those needs.

A valuable tool

Information screens are an effective tool for limiting and optimizing the allocation of available resources in organizations.

In production facilities, supervisors can instantly inform everybody via screens about a potential hazard and give instructions for an immediate stop of all activities. Messages can be quickly and easily conveyed to any target group from either a central source or from individual departments within the company, simultaneously. Furthermore, messages can be scheduled to appear in a given period or prioritized to appear at the top of the news items queue, when necessary.

Take a look at VisioSign's 360° concepts for production companies and discover the advantages that information screens offer.

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